“Red Letter Day” is here

Sulfurcloud release their second single – “Red Letter Day”

The song will be available for download all across the globe from 20th September 2014 onward on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon mp3 and many more digital stores.

its here

“The Song ‘Red Letter Day’ has 2 parts – First, speaks to connect with the loner, the one taking burdens, the one who feels low, sad,
depressed and inadequate inside.. much like any of us every once in a while!
The song then transcends into the second part, which encourages that person to feel the life running through their veins,
feel inspired by the small things we often ignore! make the most out of what we have and not to dwell over our lacking !
Make every day our own Red Letter Day!”
– Pragun Bali

The song broke the record of “most downloaded song”on Indihut.com in first three days from its release by crossing 4000 downloads and counting.

*Produced by Siddharth Barooa. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Lucid Recess Studio, Guwahati, India.
*Drums programmed by Tanfiz Hussain and Amitabh Barooa

Red Letter Day (Single) Releasing Soon..

Lyrics –

There comes a time when the road seems too long,
Lost in the crowd you feel cold and unknown,
You fall and try to rise but no one’s there to hear your cries,when there’s no one there to make you feel fine…
Please hear me out I have got so much more to say isn’t that what you keep trying to say but there seems noway to convey,
Don’t you fear inside when there is too much going in vain, when there seems no point in starting again,
Starting again..
Feel the raindrops on your body,
Feel the crazy sea breeze,
Feel the rush of the wind that blows your mind away,
Feel the chill of the winter night,
Feel the bright warm sun of July,
Feel the heart of someone beating miles away,
Speeding horses in the fields,
Feel the silence that’s in here,
Hear the stories that the mountains have to say,
Go the distance do it your way clear the barriers paint the, doorway go ahead and have your red letter day.


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