Sulfurcloud is a TRIO experimenting with tunes mostly in the genre of Alternative Indie /
Rock. The band is comprised of Bikrant Kaushik (Drums), Ravi Nair (Electric Bass and Backing Vocals) and Pragun Bali (Songwriting, Vocals and Guitar).

Sulfurcloud was formed in 2012 in Pragun’s bedroom during his days in Assam with his
collegemates and friends. The lineup changed many a times over two years and converged into the present lineup in 2014.

After Sulfurcloud’s debut single release “Maya” (2013), the band has worked only over
cyberspace to release the next single, “Red Letter Day” (2014). Within a span of 4 days
“Indihut.com” witnessed over 4000 downloads of the single, which till date is the highest
ever downloaded song on the website.

Since its inception, Sulfurcloud has performed LIVE at Guwahati (Cafe Hendrix), Dimapur
(Upstairs), Delhi (Bunker, The Piano Man Jazz Club *Solo-Set) and Bombay (“Livewire” @
Mood Indigo).

Because the bandmates seldom meet to make music, Sulfurcloud is currently a studio
project. The band is looking forward to playing live as soon as an opportunity strikes at the
right time.


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