Before us, stands a willowy frame, an aura of balance through their mannerisms and a look
of complete determination.

Pragun Bali stands before us, fronting Sulfurcloud, with definite satisfaction and ease at  is surroundings, a feeling that he has found his righteous place. A winsome gentleman he is; with panache he was born to entertain.Hailing from Jammu, you will never find Pragun being idle. Coming from an army background and currently an army man himself, he lives his life like no other and you will always find him fresh and full of energy, implementing the same in the band. He is always on the move serving his country but you will never find him separated from his music. He travels with his gear and utilizes every spare second being with his art.

Bikrant is a drumming wizkid who hails from Guwahati. With a face that’s perhaps engulfed by the brightest smile and with an ever-evolving spirit towards life and drumming, the selftaught musician is always ready for a gig. Much of his childhood and adulthood was spent in Assam and so his musical roots are inherited from one of the most music rich regions of India, The Northeast! Bikrant is absolutely exceptional at his craft and at  channelizing his creative energy and ideologies, reminding you that it’s the thunderous  grooves that give Sulfurcloud its power, that drives it ever forward and makes it the hard-hit noise-fest it is. He is currently working in an IT firm balancing everything in harmony.

Ravi Nair is a musician who hails from Bangalore but much of his youth has been in the beautiful desert state of Rajasthan in Jaipur. The spine of our band, Ravi is a very spiritually inclined person. When we say, ” Make your soul groove” this guy does it like no one else. Every note played by him is a reflection of his soul, unadulterated. He has detached himself from the complications and hue and cry of an otherwise painful life. Clear mind and a transparent soul is what he carries in his journey of life. Having deep roots in both Carnatic and Western, Ravi is a very versatile musician. He eats, breathes and travels with his music. He studied music at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and has toured extensively across the country playing for multiple bands.

Everyone in the band listens to a wide array of music, irrespective of genres and ranges, starting from a grain of sand to the lush green, everything about life and nature, and of course, from the pioneers of music who have left infinite progressions behind for us to work on and follow. The band is currently based in Bangalore with Ravi and Bikrant. Pragun being in the army is mobile in terms of location!


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